Monday, July 28, 2008

Traffic Regulations in India

Traffic Regulations: Okay in my last post about the parking scenario in Delhi I have talked a lot about the wrong parking and improper usage of the roads. I guess we should also talk something about the traffic regulations which Delhi Government has formed for using the roads properly. I was browsing for the Traffic regulations in Delhi when I stumbled upon this site from Delhi Govt. Following are the excerpt for parking regulations.

DO NOT PARK at or near a road crossing or on top of a hill or on a footpath; too near a traffic light or pedestrian crossing; on a main road or a road with heavy traffic; in front of or opposite another parked vehicle to cause obstruction; on roads that have a white line; near a bus- stop, school or hospital entrance; right next to a traffic sign thereby blocking it for others; at the entrance of a building; near a fire hydrant thereby blocking access to it; where parking is specifically prohibited.

This rule, clearly lays out that Crossing (or too near a crossing) is not the ideal place for parking or even halts. This is a zone which is very critical for the moving traffic. We should always keep annoyance caused to others, in mind when we are on roads. Read more about Traffic Regulations from this site. After reading about the regulations lot of us would definitely make an effort to follow these traffic regulations, I know. We all are the part of very disciplined and law abiding society. But I guess I’ll also discuss the penalties for any defaulters. The penalty for the obstructive Parking is Rs. 100. If you wish to read more about the penalties for other traffic offences, visit

In my next post I would like to explore what I feel we (Government and Public) can do to make these roads more safe and more comfortable. We can learn from how other countries are handling these issues and from some of the parking laws internationally.
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