Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This holiday season drive safely

Year end is here and so is festive season (Christmas is just few days away). We all will have social gatherings of family, friends and co-workers. Fun and holiday cheer will be ruling everywhere. But this also is the time to be a little careful. A lot of people will be out there to attend Parties thus there will be more vehicles on the road. due Higher number of vehicles combined with more people being under the influence of alcohol increases the possibility of mis-happenings. It is that time of the year when we need to practice some extra precaution and drive safely.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe while you are driving this holiday season:

  1. Never drink and drive because it is a dangerous combination. Drinking even in small amounts will affect your judgment.
  2. Decide on one person for every party who will not consume Alcohol. This person can take the responsibility of driving back to home safely.
  3. If you for any reason do not have a person who can be designated as non drinker for the day call a cab or a driver to drop you home safely.
  4. If you are hosting a party don't let your guests drive when they drink. Insist that they stay back at your place.
  5. Driving too fast ain't going to save any time for you. So Don't be monster behind wheel.
  6. Make sure that you and the passengers are wearing seat belts.
  7. Avoid using cell phones.

These tips will ensure that you arrive at your destination without having an accident. It is critical to drive responsibly because you may take every precaution yourself but you have no control on how others drive. Also we should avoid any road rage as far as possible after all road rage does not only cause injury it also spoils all your party fun. Make this season a happy holiday season.
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