Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remove the obnoxious autos from Delhi roads - Why?

All sorts of discussions started when our CM Smt. Sheila Dikshit suggested "that autos will be phased
out of Delhi roads once Government find alternative to three-wheelers.
" Well this is a small question I want to ask the Janta of Delhi what actually is the issue? Is it auto or Auto walahs or their behavior? Ask from me I'll say their behavior. So if that is the case will replacing autos with some other form of vehicle or transport system resolve the issue?

Well No alternate vehicle is going to resolve the issue. Replace it with Radio Taxi, as someone suggested in one of the blogs, but keep the drivers; Pooff what do you get? the same old issues of passengers being hackled. May be a different transport system could be the answer to the problem. We will have to devise a way by which Govt. can ensure that no Autowalah (let me call them Autowalahs only at this point of time) can over charge, refuse to take you to your destination or refuse to go by meter. Delhi Government really need to rein in the autos.

For this Govt. will also have to tackle the problem of Auto owners exploiting the drivers. The Badges and registration of Auto in the name of the driver are two good measures Delhi Govt. has taken in this direction. But how far has it implemented these measures? Now this is only a hunch but I believe that not more than 20% of all auto walahs have Verified their permits and received new badges from the Authorities. Please correct me if I am wrong. I'll be more than happy to be wrong on this one. 
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