Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dont be a monster behind the Wheel

Friday night I was returning home from my office in my car and was stuck in a bad traffic maybe because if the evening rain. Hoooonnnnnnnk Poonnnn Hoooooooonnnnnnkkkkkkk and then Screeeech stopped a Hyundai Accent right behind my car. Honk Honk Honk Beep Beep Beep this guy was really impatient. I moved to the next lane, he found some space to slip in and Honk Honk Honk again. He kept honking speeding with full paddle to plug the gap and Honk again for the next car.

Now I would give him the benefit of doubt and assume he was carrying someone who needs immediate medical attention. But how many of such cases daily are really carrying a patient to the hospitals. I guess most of them are not. It’s only their Adernalin rush in more than 90% cases. Well have we ever thought about the negatives of it? Well let’s start with the amount of fuel you burn with this accelerate break accelerate break accelerate break. When we are using too much of that accelerator paddle mileage of your car actually decreases by as much as 25%. What! You are big shot and fuel prices don’t bother you much, remember fuel reserves are limited but I guess that also won’t bother you much. Okay your rash driving can prove dangerous for others. How dangerous? Well dangerous enough to kill someone. Kill a loved one, may be a son or a daughter or worse, the lone bread earner of a family. How does that affect you? Imprisonment could be one reason. But then yes you might have the connections at the top positions which could save you from the prison. But what if you get hurt? Can your connections ensure that you don’t? Do I need to go even further to count more evils of that rushing Adernalin. Just think once before you step on you Gas next time. Drive safe. Read more!