Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sure way to avoid traffic on the roads is to start early

In one of my twitter posts I had said "Sure way to avoid traffic on the roads is to start well in time". This will not reduce the traffic on the roads. But who wants to avoid traffic anyways. That's the whole fun of driving; maneuvering through the traffic and then smiling on your skills. What makes you yearn for a lesser traffic is the little time you are left with to reach may be office, a very important meeting, your girlfriend / boyfriend .... (there could be a looong list). The traffic wastes the time and in turn causes the stress. On April 3 published a news "Man beaten to death in traffic jam for not reversing vehicle". Its nothing but the stress. But when you start early you can afford to waste those 5-10 minutes.Just take that opportunity to look around. Did you notice that beautiful garden, or a nice eatery on your office route, which you would have zipped past in a stressed situation. You'll feel as though the traffic has reduced. You can also take your girlfriend there next time you plan a time out.

On the other hand when you are driving fast, you may also hurt someone (or worst kill) on the road. I know that the fuel cost don't pinch your pocket, but if does; just consider the fact that driving fast burns twice as much fuel as driving at a constant and controlled speed.

Driving fast don't even look cool. A high speed action only look cool in the films. Those sitting with you and those who see you driving, while you are at the top of your speed, understand exactly who is driving. Is it you driving the car? or car driving you. The car is not Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessanta nor you are in NFS track. That was last night when you spent most of your time playing that high speed action and earned yourself those dark circles. By the way, how many times you met with accident in that game. Someone said "Speed thrills but kills". Don't play with your and especially others life. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Even if you are one of the best drivers, everybody else is not. People can get scared seeing your speed and loose their control. Then you would have no right to fight cause you actually was the trigger for the accident. Do share your thoughts , experiences and whatever else fits fit in this Blogs context. Till then START EARLY, BE SAFE.


Praveen Lohani said...

Speeding is sure one of the main culprits for accidents and with absence of detterents its only going to get worse with the number of long streaches increasing in Delhi.

Suggest you also put some light on where these night time speed controlling devices have been installed that were much publicised by the authorities...

Rajeev Lochan Sharma said...

Thanks Praveen for your comments. I will definitely put a post on the speed controlling devices. But the idea behind this post was to suggest the self discipline more than the law or policing.

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